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Surprise, Surprise: January Gym Rush Is Still a Thing in 2024

In an attempt to start a new and better chapter of their lives, many people sign up for gym memberships as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Some people even call it “Gymuary.” But can they actually keep the promises to themselves?

An AI-generated image of a busy gym © Nova

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you probably hate the first two weeks of the year. With overwhelming numbers of people rushing into the gym after spending their holidays with families and cakes on their living room couches, people are desperately trying to get into shape again. But not all of them can keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Bustling Business at Push & Pull

Laurens Groeneveld, the owner of Push & Pull gym in Groningen, says January and September are always the busiest months of the year. “Those are the two periods when people are going to start their fitness journey, after the holidays and the summer break with new students in town.”

December is a busy month for many people with their focus directed towards family rather than going to the gym. But in January, Push & Pull has three to four times more visitors compared to months like March or April, Laurens says. “Once the holidays are over and January starts, the members get reactivated and start going more often to the gym.”

Push & Pull gym on Oude Ebbingestraat, Groningen © Veronika Bajnoková

But in February, the number of visitors tends to decrease again, Laurens explains. However, most people don’t tend to give up that quickly. “People usually give it some time, maybe six months. And then they might come to the conclusion that maybe this isn’t for them.”

Nonetheless, with each year, more people are joining the gym. “It’s becoming a really important topic, especially with younger people,” Laurens says. “We all know that strength training is beneficial for your health, but people also want to look good on social media.”

Determined Gym-goer

“My best friend asked me to join her in the gym,” Marina Volkova explains her motivation to embark on the fitness journey this year. “And I got really inspired because now I can’t let her down. It gives you more responsibility to join the gym sessions every time.”

An AI-generated image of people running on treadmills © Nova

She works out three times a week, and can already see some benefits. “I have problems with sleep and tiring myself physically helps me to fall asleep immediately afterwards,” she says her mental health has also improved, as working out always gives her a boost of dopamine.

Marina says her favourite part of the workout is stretching afterwards: “Stretching gives me such a good feeling in my body, it gives me the sense of being high,” she laughs. “The best thing is when I push myself beyond my limits and that makes me feel so proud of myself.”

And she’s not planning on giving up any time soon. Marina says she wants the gym to be a part of her routine: “And maybe during summer, I will start exercising outside as well.”

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