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Connecting Cultures in the Netherlands Through Greek Theater

Updated: Feb 5

The Hellenic Association in Groningen has just announced in an exclusive interview with The Groninger that they are putting on a Greek theatrical play, possibly by June. The show aims to promote Greek culture and bridge the gaps between Greek and international communities.

3D Model from The Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Ancient Greek theater. Blissful Ignorance. The photo with the specific light effect sympolizes the blissful ignorance, coming from darkness to light © Maria Flori

The Hellenic Association wants to bring the Greek theater scene to the multicultural context of Groningen and exchange knowledge in an international environment. While the theatrical project is still in its early stages, the focus is on the diversity of Greek culture and on the need to bond over what is familiar. Chara-Maria Paraskevaide, a Greek Cypriot, spoke to The Groninger about her involvement in the Cultural Committee of the Hellenic Association and the cultural initiatives that bring Greeks and non-Greeks together. "I've always been into arts and culture and artistic expression. I feel that as an art enthusiast, I had something to offer to the culture community, to help build it with more people who like that," Paraskevaide admits.

Chara-Maria Paraskevaide © Maria Flori

She highlights the rich and diverse nature of Greek culture and feels it is important to engage in a Greek theatrical play. For Paraskevaide, its timeless themes make it more relevant to modern society. "For example, love, betrayal, drama – these are universal themes that can resonate with people today," she explains. Marios Lazarou, the President of the Hellenic Association emphasizes their flexibility to adapt plans based on changes within the group. “Participants from all over the world are welcome to collaborate with us. We are open to creating a cultural space and building a community,” says Lazarou. He highlights that their passion for cultural exchange comes hand-in-hand with inclusivity. “We work together to build a better place with more international people to engage with us. We want to learn from them and exchange practices,” adds Lazarou.

Marios Lazarou at Martini Plaza © Maria Flori

The association, according to Lazarou, is looking for ways to fulfill its purpose by constantly improving and hosting more events. They focus on the feedback they get, always looking for ways to improve. “We received very good feedback and some people asked us when the next event is," Paraskevaide adds.

Greek Theatrical Initiative in The Netherlands

The International Theatre of Amsterdam (ITA), and Onassis Stegi are two organizations that share goals similar to the Hellenic Association. In their collaboration, they are working on bringing Greek and international artists together for a theatrical performance. Daniël Kieft, head of the ITA program, explains that the project is trying to connect different local audiences with a diversity of theatrical themes.

Kieft offers guidance to the Hellenic Association. “We have the same insights and this project sounds very nice. They should connect with local organizations and find a network to help them connect with venues and places.”

Paraskevaide’s passion for cultural exchange remains unbending. "People in the arts are very happy to hear that others are also involved in similar projects, and they want to help. We don't see it competitively; it is something very nice."

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Marwan5555 AL-Mutiri
Marwan5555 AL-Mutiri
Feb 02

Nice!!!!!! I am looking forward to that.

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