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Can F1 Fans Count on More Competition and Excitement in 2024?

Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing © Shanna Lutgert

Red Bull Racing made their competition eat their dust in 2023 after winning 21 out of 22 races during the most dominant season in F1 history. Fans seem to expect that they cannot be stopped in 2024 either, but hint at one team that can maybe stir some things up.


The 2023 Formula 1 season seemed to be what Dutch fans’ dreams are made of. Austrian F1 team Red Bull already had a good car in 2022 but have built a rocket ship for 2023. The combination of the car and Verstappen's skills has proved deadly. He won nineteen of 22 races, leaving fans of other teams and drivers disappointed. The Dutch driver from Limburg had a record-breaking season in 2023, in which he won his third consecutive title six races before the end of the season. “Without being biased, I think you can say for sure that Verstappen will be champion again this year,” says Bram van der Sloot (22), a Dutch Formula 1 fan. “Maybe a race later than last year.”

Bram expects that the other teams can maybe catch up a little, but he doubts they will be on the same level as Red Bull. The Austrian team has battled with Mercedes and Ferrari in previous years, and in 2023 fought against McLaren at times. “I think McLaren and Ferrari will be second and third in the championship,” says Bram. He has high hopes that Ferrari can catch up after they showed their excellence during the qualifiers. They will have to be perfect on race days to have a shot at beating Red Bull. McLaren has been working on their performance during 2023 and ended on a high note. He expects them to start the 2024 season strongly as well.

Bram and Chris (right picture, bottom left) dressed up and ready for the 2024 season © Shanna Lutgert, Chris Conway

So, not all hope is lost for those who are looking for a more exciting season. “I think this year will be more competitive,” says Chris Conway (24), journalism student and F1 fan from Ireland. “McLaren did a lot of updates towards the end of the year and closed the gap massively.” Chris argues that Red Bull is building a new car for the upcoming season, which could set them back in 2024. Nevertheless, it is still expected that Red Bull will be the dominant team again. “I’d like to think that Mercedes can make a step, but it’s hard to tell.”


Verstappen's dominance creates frustration


Some fans argued throughout the 2023 season that the races became too predictable. That one Dutch guy in the Red Bull car just kept winning. Will they have to fight for it more this year? “I really hope so,” says Judit Tompai (24), Hungarian Formula 1 fan. “Last year was frustrating for me, even though Verstappen is one of my favorite drivers.” She thinks that 2023 was the most dominant year in F1 history, and she would like another team to be able to compete with Red Bull.


Like Bram and Chris, Judit also reckons that McLaren might be the team that can challenge Red Bull in 2024. “I believe in McLaren, it was sensational to watch their resurrection that they carried out from the middle of the 2023 season,” she says. Judit is not so sure about the other two top teams, Mercedes and Ferrari. Both teams struggled with their car performance in 2023, but they promise they have all the ingredients for a successful 2024 season. 

McLaren driver Lando Norris at the Hungaroring in Budapest, Hungary © Shanna Lutgert

 Another Verstappen title seems inevitable


The season hasn’t even started yet, but Verstappen is the favorite for the 2024 title. “Verstappen is currently at the pinnacle of the pinnacle, and few people can say that about themselves,” says Judit. She thinks that Verstappen’s fourth title in a row is out of the question. He and the team have come together so well, it’s unbelievable. At the same time, she argues that it’s not good that Verstappen is the only one winning all the time. “I want him to have a challenger, if not many, but definitely one.”


The 2024 Formula 1 season will kick off with the winter tests in Bahrain from February 21 – 23. The first race will also be held in Bahrain on the first weekend of March.

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