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Despite Wind and Rain, the ‘Groningen Market Day’ Was a Success

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Today, October 3rd, downtown Groningen hosted the largest market in Northern Netherlands. Even though some vendors were worried about the weather, people showed up in large numbers.

Groningen Market Day in Grote Markt © Alessia Balducci

Starting at 9 a.m., locals and tourists slowly crowded the streets of Groningen as live music set the atmosphere in various corners of the city. In the meantime, vendors set up and assembled waterproof curtains around their stalls to shield their goods from the bad weather.

Brugstraat early on Market Day © Alessia Balducci

The weather was not ideal. Every now and then it drizzled and the wind threatened to blow away the lightest items, as some vendors complained. But not everyone was preoccupied with the rain.

“It’s sad that it’s raining but it’s still pretty crowded,” said Tessa, who’s selling handmade crochet animals on Akerkhof Street with her friend Rianne. “We started doing this [markets] last year and now we’re going around to see where we like it the most,” the two friends explained.

Coming from a small city near the border with Germany, this is their first selling experience in Groningen.

“So far, we’ve never worked at a market this busy. We’re vending a lot to local students, but there are also tourists, especially from Germany.”

Tessa and Rianne's stall on Akerkhof Street © Alessia Balducci

The organizers of the event together with the Groningen Municipality and the Groningen City Club, did not choose this day without a reason. As two German tourists explained, “We came here because it’s a national holiday in Germany today, so we’re not working.”

Brugstraat this afternoon © Alessia Balducci

The items on sale were mostly handmade objects, clothes, antiques, old records, and food. Some were from personal collections, others came from stores, as in the case of Hilda’s stall. “It’s usually quiet in our shop, so we like setting up outside and interacting more with customers,” she explained.

A lot of young students explored the market and seemed to appreciate handmade crafts stalls the most, together with the flea market area and the food spot. Some also danced to the tunes of the classic songs performed on the streets.

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