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Chess Players Can Now Register for the Upcoming Groningen Rapid Tournament

Updated: Feb 2

Local chess club has opened registrations for the upcoming Rapid Chess Tournament. The competition will take place on March 16th and the participants will compete for the cash prize.

© Govert Pellikaan

Besides their weekly internal competitions, Groningen Combinatie, local chess club, organizes Rapid Tournaments once a year. Anyone can register for the competition where the winner will be determined over the course of eight 25-minute games.


Govert Pellikaan, the website manager of Groningen Combinatie and a club member, encourages everyone to sign up for the competition. “This Rapid Tournament is a separate event. It's actually open to anyone. So, you don't have to be a member of the club. The more people join, the more people play, the better. And we also have some money prizes!” 

People of all ages are allowed to participate in the Rapid Tournament. In fact, Pellikaan recalls players ranging from 8 to 90 years old competing in the same tournaments. 

© Govert Pellikaan

Pellikaan himself will be participating in the Rapid Tournament. “It's fun. That's really it. I mean, it's more or less a coincidence that our own club is organizing it. And I will be helping with setting up the boards and the pieces and all that if asked, but the main thing is, it's just fun to play Rapid Tournaments,” says Pellikaan.


Along with the chance to win money, players will also be competing for the Rapid Champion title. Nick Maatman, the current Rapid Champion and an international master, is planning to participate again this year. “I will play and expect to win the title!” he says.

© Nick Maatman

Whilst the registration is open to everyone, Maatman is cautious about recommending the tournament to just anyone. “The only players I would discourage from playing are absolute beginners and grandmasters. If you are a complete beginner, the competition might be a little brutal and you must be able to cope well with losing. But even then, it is still a fun learning experience. As for grandmasters, I don’t want them to take the title from me,” Maatman laughs. “Of course, I would still play even if grandmasters are present,” he adds.


On the day of the tournament, anyone is welcome to come watch the games. However, there are some basic rules one has to keep in mind. Pellikaan tells The Groninger that although it is possible for the audience to watch the games quite closely, it is forbidden to disturb the players. Additionally, he discourages visitors from using phones since players are also not allowed to use mobile devices.


As part of the preparation for the Rapid Tournament, or an alternative to it, both Pellikaan and Maatman recommend trying Groningen Combinatie’s internal competitions. Members of the club can join those every Thursday if they want to play longer games.

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Oscar Schulze Casademunt
Oscar Schulze Casademunt
Jan 29

Great article! Not sure chess is a sport though :\\

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